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  • Mini Wheeled Tractor (From 12HP To 35HP)

Mini Wheeled Tractor (From 12HP To 35HP)

  • from 12hp to 35hp

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Model No.: Mini Wheeled Tractor

Size: 218x105x105cm

Engine: Changtong

Cooling method: water cooling

Starting method: electric

Front tire: 650-8

Rear tire: 700-10

Oil tank: 4.5L-6L

Weight: 470kgs-500kgs

Rotary tillage width: 110cm

Ratary tillage depth: 10-30 cm ( it can be adjusted)

Ditching depth: 25-30cm

Ditching depth: 15-30cm ( it can be adjusted)

The standard equipments are listed as following:

Four pneumatic tires + rotary tiller + ditching knife + weeding wheel + backfill

Please select one of the engines as following.

1.192 engine, 12hp

2. 195 engine, 15hp

3. 1105 engine, 18hp

4. 1115 engine, 22hp

5.1130 engine,32hp

6.CT35 engine, 35hp

The implements are optional.

1.       1.3m rotary tillage 

2.       1.5m rotary tillage

3.       Rotary tillage box+soil retaining board

4.       Reverse ditching box

5.       Single ditching box

6.       Ditching kinfe

7.       1.1m rotary tillage kinfe

8.       70cm Returning grass to field

9.       80cm Returning grass to field

10.   Strawberry ridger

11.   Big turning plow

12.   Single plow

13.   Double plow

14.   48 iron wheel of the paddy field

15.   68 narrow iron wheel of the paddy field

16.   68 iron wheel of the paddy field (40cm wide)

17.   Trailer 

18.   Corn precision sower of double row

19.   Corn precision sower of single row

20.   Hydraulic double plow

21.   Dozer shovel

22.   Three row plow at the rear of the rotary tillage

23.   Ridger

24.   Ditching, fertilizing and backfilling all-in-one machine

25.   Grape vine burying machine

26.   1.2m laminating device including sprayer

27.   1.2m laminating device that can be added the soil automatically including sprayer

28.   Peanut planting and mulching all-in-one machine

29.   Four-row wheat seeder

30.   Four-row fertilization and wheater seeder . The row can be added up to 8 rows. The wheat baskets can be used to sow wheat, corn and soybean.

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