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  • 21.3m Fishing Trawler

21.3m Fishing Trawler

  • Model No.: LZZFBT2130


Model No.: LZZFBT2130

Length Overall : 21.3m

Designed waterline: 19m

Beam: 4m


Displacement: 55.8T

Maxiumum speed: 9KN

Person: 6

Engine: 110KW

Our 21.3m standardized fishing boat is made of fiberglass, mainly engaged in offshore trawling operations, and its stability meets the requirements of Class II navigation areas.

This vessel is a fishing trawler. Fishing equipment mainly includes tail netting drum, winch machine and other auxiliary equipment. The fish cargo is kept fresh and loaded in an insulated fish hold. Equipped with a refrigeration device to keep the fish fresh at low temperature.

The boat has been successfully selected as one of the "National Top Ten Standardized Fishing Vessel Models" and won the award for the best design and construction. It has the advantages of smaller resistance and stronger wind resistance. At the same time, it is equipped with a new type of marine main engine, which makes the cooperation between the propeller and the hull more harmonious, improves its economy, and rationalizes the cabin layout in the ship to improve the comfort of the crew. .

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