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  • 58ft Luxury Yacht TY580

58ft Luxury Yacht TY580

  • TY580


Model No.: TY580

Length Overall :17.7m

Beam: 4.86m

Draft: 1.00m

Main engine power:440HP x 2(YANMAR/VOLVO)

Gen set: KOHLER 18KW

Fuel tank: 2500L

Water tank: 800L

Maxiumum speed: 20KN

The following parts are optional:

1. Italian QUICK gyro stabilizer (increased sailing stability)

2. Lifting diving platform (for retracting motorboats or small boats)

3. Hidden luxury electric lift wine cabinet

4. Underwater lights (blue light or white light)

5. Upgraded version of the whole ship's audio system

6. Customized exterior ambient light system

7. Special ice machine for yacht

8. Professional fish finder

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TY600 is an ultra-fashionable Tomahawk-type luxury business yacht of the second category that combines excellent design, comfort, safety, reliability and high quality; whether it is solid wood outdoor floors and indoor furniture, soft and durable leather, elegant fabrics and The fireproof and waterproof decoration materials create a luxurious and warm and rich atmosphere for the whole yacht; in order to meet the various customization needs of customers, the designer of this yacht has made a comprehensive conception in terms of space layout. In the case of ensuring that the functions of business and leisure are available at the same time, the space of each area is maximized; quality control and the unique personality of the product are also our consistent brand purposes

As an upstart TY600, its unique performance and advantages are more obvious:

1. Satisfying the stability of breaking waves and stronger safety, it adopts the design of warship bow;

2. Satisfied with the same series of yachts in length and size, the width is maximized, and the deck and interior space are improved;

3. Meet professional fluid design standards, making yachts more energy-efficient and faster;

4. Satisfying aesthetics and stylish artistic effects, the glass window design of more than 40 square meters enhances the sporty appearance of the boat: large windows on the hull, side windows on the main deck, and a front windshield with a large viewing angle;

5. Satisfied to provide unique customized solutions, brand-new space design, and special shipowner logo;

6. Yachts that meet professional sea fishing functions and high-end business meetings and salon activities;

7. Meet the five-star accommodation, business reception, red wine tasting, multi-functional KTV, cigar bar, etc. that the club has;

8. Meet yacht charter activities, wedding photography and operation reception;