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  • Hammer Mill

Hammer Mill

  • CF158,CF198, CF420B,CF420A, CF500A, CF500B

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Model No.Power Electric Engine 50HZ Wood output(kg/h)N/G weight(kg)Sieve screen sizeSieve screen specificationPacking Size(cm)
CF1581 phase 2.2kw60-12075/95360*160mm1.5-10mm48*58*63
CF1583 phase 2.2kw60-12075/95360*160mm1.5-10mm48*58*63
CF1983 phase 4kw200-300120/140510*200mm2-10mm90*58*102
CF1987.5HP gasoline engine200-300120/140510*200mm2-10mm96*62*105
CF420B3 phase 7.5kw200-400260/320680*280mm1.8-10mm112*82*107
CF420C3 phase 11kw200-500320/360680*280mm2-10mm112*82*107
CF420A15HP Diesel engine300-500330/360680*280mm1.8-10mm147*73*109
CF420A22HP Diesel engine300-500350/390680*280mm1.8-10mm147*74*111
CF500A55HP Diesel engine800-1100800/840820*390mm2-10mm150*142*123
CF500B3 phase 22kw800-1100600/630820*390mm2-10mm124*97*106



The hammer mill is fixed with an engine with a power of RP-driven all kinds of different power. Its working principle is: after the raw materials were put into crushing chamber, the high-speed operated hammer sheets will impact the raw materials over and over again, then the raw materials will be crushed into pre-set size step-by-step. The sieve have the following size: 1.5mm, 2mm, 4mm and 6mm. Then the crushed materials will leak out from the sieve. The draught fan will convey the leaked materials into separator centrifuge, finally, the powder will be discharged down.It is suitable to crush raw and hard materials with big size such as tree branches, bamboo, wood scrap, wood brick,old cardboard and newspaper, straw, crop stalks and corn cobs and so on. After crushing, raw materials are uniform and with proper moisture content to meet further processing. With capacity 800-1100kg/h, it is can surely meet the production requirement in the farms, middle sized feeding factory or family.